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Hotel lobby named after Leona Helmsley’s dog

Most of us have only due bills named after us. Though The Queen of the Palace Hotel, or “The Queen of Mean” to some, probably paid some heavy duty bills during her lifetime, her little dog, Trouble, never needed to be concerned with the collectors.

In fact, her former little rich friend just got paid a tribute by the New York Palace Hotel crew: a bar named after him. Now when you head over to the Palace, you will enjoy a nice time at Trouble’s Trust.

For those who haven’t met him yet, Trouble was Helmsley’s relatively unknown dog until her death in 2007 at 87 years old, when it was widely reported that he, the dog, had inherited $12 million dollars making it the richest four legged being on this planet. Trouble passed away in 2011, just 4 years after his human.

The inheritanced was not too bad – but it was nothing compared to the riches left behind by Leona, whose estate is worth U$ 8 billion in today’s money. Still, Helmsley was no stranger to trouble(with a t), having faced jail for tax evasion in the late 1980’s, as you can see on the following not-so-flattering mugshot.

Cheers Mrs. Helmsley!
A smile from Mrs. Helmsley!

No troubles for Trouble as he’s now immortal at The Palace Hotel. If you happen to be anywhere near, then by all means stop by Trouble’s Trust and enjoy your favorite boutique cocktail.