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The World’s Top 10 Most Distant Hotels

Hotels are places we think of to relax, enjoy, and have a good time. Most of what we call “conventional” hotels are located in the heart of cities, and normally  the closer to the places we wish to visit, the better. Others are not so close. The latter kind of hotels are distant from the cities, providing comfort, a home away from town and are most popular for their unique beauty and charm.

Photo: Pantheroux @ Flickr
Photo: Pantheroux @ Flickr

All Web Hotels proudly presents the World’s top 10 most distant hotels:

10. Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India

This hotel is located on the centre of the famous Lake Pichola in India. This makes the hotel attractive when viewed from a distance as the sparkling water surrounding it illuminates its beauty. The hotel’s main building portrays the rich and colourful heritage of the Mewar region characterized by courtyards and beautiful gardens. The hotel also takes pride of its blue crystal pools and ripping fountains. Although it is considered distant, more and more guests visit this hotel each year most especially during the peak season.

9. The Singita Sabi Sand in Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Singita Sabi Sand Hotel is one of South Africa’s famous hotel. Its main attraction is its location that allows its guest to view the famous safari region and the African wildlife. The hotel also attracts guest due to the popular leopard sightings. The guestrooms and suites inside the hotel are equipped with modern amenities. This is the main reason why the Singita Sabi Sand Hotel was awarded with the recognition as one of the most unique destinations in the world in 2008.

8. Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

The hotel offers its guest with the perfect view of the legendary Chao Phya River. It is located near Bangkok’s busiest areas such as international offices and airports. Its location makes this hotel a good choice for different types of travellers who want to have a good rest from the pressures brought about by their tiring jobs. In addition to this, the hotel provides its guests the chance to experience Asia’s culture and warm hospitality.

7. Four Seasons Hotel at Sultanahmet, Istanbul Turkey

The Four SeasonS Hotel in Istanbul has 65 rooms for its guests and suites with open courtyards for occupants to enjoy. The building’s location is known for attractive tourist spots such as the famous Blue Mosque which is popular for its six minarets and walls made of cobalt blue Iznik tiles. The hotel is also near the the Basilica Cistern and the most remarkable underground water cisterns in Topkapi Palace.

6. Relais Il Falconiere in Cortona, Italy

This hotel was built in 16th century and became the home for one of Italy’s famous poet named Antonio Guadagnoli. This poet was known for his burlesque poetry. The hotel has 13 rooms for the guest and 6 suites with antique furniture and beautiful historical facilities.

5. Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa

This hotel is also a popular hotel in South Africa. It has an estimated area of about 65,000 hectares. This hotel holds 4 lodges and 46 suites. The lodges are used to accommodate tourists who want to explore and take exciting walks within the safaris and the wildlife. Besides this, the hotel has world- class standards as seen on their luxurious accommodations and mouth-watering cuisines.

4. Mandarin Oriental in Munich, Germany

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Munich is a significant place for special events such as ballet, theatre, concert, and opera. It is also the venue for the famous Oktoberfest. Besides this, the Mandarin Hotel is popular for its discreet yet highly personalized service. The historic setting and the architectural design of the building also reflects the rich culture of Neo-Renaissance.

3. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in North Kona Coast, Hawaii

The Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii is located 2,000 miles southwest of North American Island. Its location is part of the most visited tourist spot of the Big Island and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with its blue crystal water. The hotel is also rich in heritage that reflects the Hawaiian design on its beachfront dining restaurants and boutiques, the traditional hospitality traits, and its reach culture.

2. Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, India

The hotel is located near on the Taj Mahal that is considered as one of the beautiful wonders of the modern world. The eloquent style of the hotel’s building was inspired by the Moorish and Mughal culture. Besides this, the hotel is also known for its excellent standards of service and warm hospitality.

1. Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur, India

This place is considered as another pride of India due to its vibrant and exotic destinations. The architectural design of the building reflects the lifestyles of India’s legendary Rajput princess. In addition to this, the hotel also has 32 acres of beautiful scenery made of gardens and courtyards, luxurious tents and villas, as well as pools and fountains. To compliment these sceneries, the hotel offers recharging and relaxing activities for its guests.

The ten hotels above are obviously scattered in distant regions all over the globe but they do host a lot of satisfied guests despite their distance. Proof of the high quality of the services they offer, is the fact that the number of guest and tourists that visit hotels are not affected by their distant locations. However, this number is directly connected to views,  services, and experiences that these hotels uniquely offer.

Get ready for a relaxing time as far away from town as we were able to find for you!

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