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Review of Dim Sum at Pearl Liang in Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei

Much like Hong Kong, Taipei is filled with a mix of neighborhood joints and high end hotel restaurants that serve dim sum. In the quest to explore all the dim sum options in the Taipei area, the Peal Liang Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel was next on the list.

All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum at Pearl Liang

The Pearl Liang Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers all-you-can-eat dim sum on weekends for NT $980 (around $ 30 US based on current exchange rates). Not as varied as other many other dim sum menus, the current menu includes several set items, including an appetizer of oxtail tripe, black boned chicken soup, and a choice of three hot entrees, vegetables, and dessert. When trying to order just dim sum, there may be some resistance as they want to bring all the courses anyways.

For the price point, there are other dim sum options in Taipei that are a better deal. Most of the items were not any better than one might find in a local neighborhood joint, and certainly not as good as many places in Hong Kong.

Two of the best offerings included Baked Honey Glazed Pork Puffs “Cha Shao Su” and the Deep Fried Taro Puffs with Chicken. Menu items like the Steamed Pork and Crab Roe Dumplings “Shao Mai” and Deep Fried Chicken Dumplings “Hsien Shui Chiao” were not among the favorites of the day.

Lunch Set Menus and A La Carte Options in Pearl Liang Chinese Seafood Restaurant

By watching every other patron in the restaurant, the obvious choice for all tables was to order off the a la carte seafood menu. There diners will find items like fresh abalone, shark’s fin and by far, the most popular item was the Sri Lanka Crab. The 1,000 gm crab is not cheap with a price of NT $1,800 and is served in a variety of ways:

  • “Bi Fong Tang” Style

  • Sauteed with Pepper and Fragrant Salt

  • Steamed with Hua Diao Wine

  • Baked with Ginger and Spring Onions

  • Sauteed with Black Bean

There are also hot and cold entrees available, or diners can choose from three set menus that feature a combination of meat, seafood, soup, vegetables, etc., and vary in price (NT $2,000, NT $2,500 or NT $3,000) depending on the menu chosen.

Judging by the other large groups on hand for the seafood, it would seem this is definitely Pearl Liang’s specialty.

Atmosphere and Service at Pearl Liang

While the atmosphere is casual for Sunday afternoon, reservations are still recommended. For the best service, try to arrive at the 11:30am opening. When they are slow at opening you may find dishes coming out one on top of the other. As the restaurant quickly fills up, it might take 20 minutes in between orders before the dim sum arrives. There was a definite emphasis on those customers ordering the high dollar seafood items, versus those ordering dim sum.

The restaurant itself is quite striking with a calming modern look. The simple decor showcases Chinese tea sets and other Chinese artifacts. Be sure to check out the bar and large wine cellar inside. Pearl Liang stocks a number of rare and specialty wines that carry a matching price of course.

Location of Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan

The Grand Hyatt Hotel is conveniently located in the middle of Taipei, very close to Taipei 101 and other tourist sites. While there is not a public (MRT) station that close by, the price of taxis make it an inexpensive jaunt no matter where you are staying in town. For locals looking to visit the Grand Hyatt, there is a large underground parking lot (NT $70 per hour) and the Pearl Liang will validate.

Pearl Liang serves lunch from 11:30am until 2:30pm and they are also open for dinner from 6:00 pm until 9:30pm. There are also private dining rooms that can hold 8 to 24 guests. To make reservations, contact the Hyatt’s Food and Beverage Restaurant Reservations at +886 2 2720 1200 ext 3198 or 3199.

Grand Hyatt Taipei

  • 2, Song Shou Road

  • Taipei, Taiwan 11051

  • Telephone: +886 2 2720 1234