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Top 10 Surfing Beaches in Brazil for Active Tourists

Brazil occupies 50 percent of South America’s east coast. By size, it is the fifth largest country in the region. Since then, Brazil has become a place to visit if you are looking for quiet beaches and powerful waves. Sports enthusiasts commend Brazilian beaches for having excellent swell consistency and various waves.

According to surfers, both beginners and professionals can enjoy surfing in Brazil given that you have tons of options to choose from.

To give you some good choices, to begin with, here are the top 10 surfing beaches in Brazil:

Barra da Tijuca Beach in Rio de Janeiro
Photo by Andre V Ruas

Barra da Tijuca. This is found at the eastern part of Rio de Janeiro. Compared to other surfing beaches, this area is known for its high-end condominiums and hotels as its background. There are many spots where you can conveniently surf alone in the beach. Most of the time, the areaa near condos can be crowded. Every morning, you can anticipate waves reaching up to 2 meters.

Ipanema. Apparently, this city houses most of the famous beaches in the country. Aside from its scenic views, you will find its high waves perfect match for your sports. Beginners, intermediate surfers, and professionals can practice in this area. Notably, the beach starts at around two feet, which is ideal if you are starting to learn the activity. If you have been surfing for years, most likely, you will be in awe of Ipanema’s 12 feet waves.

You should visit this area if you want to upgrade your skills. Whether you’re looking for massive waves or mild swells, you got it both in Ipanema.

Macumba Curve. You will find it around 12 km from Rio’s center which is why this beach is crowded most of the time. You will love the place’s right and left swells. Surfers of all levels will find it enjoyable to practice their skills in Macumba Curve. Nonetheless, you are advised to be cautious of sandbars for it may have some shallow water depending on the position of tides.

In case you find it tiring to surf throughout the day, you will also find this place a must-visit for delicious local meals and refreshing beverages.

Copacabana. This is among famous beaches of Brazil ideal for surfing. It is popular due to its right-hand point break and main beach break. When the swell is right, you can reach 300 meters. Major swells develop in the beach to its large headland to the south.

Arpoador. You will find this in eastern Rio de Janeiro. Many consider this as the birthplace of surfing in the country. Relatively, you will locate it in the east end of Ipanema. This beach has a signature great rock background. Both beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy their sports in the area.

Throughout the 12 months of the year, you will enjoy its left-hand beach break. Lefts can also reach up to 3 meters. However, take note that Arpoador is crowded due to the hassle-free access to the beach. To avoid this, you may consider surfing at night. Do not worry since Arpoador is lit at night for everyone to enjoy a sunless dip.

Posto 1 Beach. This beach is lovable if you are looking for thick barrels or waves. In other words, beginners may not find the area suitable. Advanced or intermediate surfers, on the other hand, will consider this beach a paradise. Local bodyboarders regulate the break, but you will certainly earn tons of rides when you need to.

Buzios Scenery
Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

Geriba. This is Búzios’ most famous beach. You will find wealthy people enjoying their summer in this place. You can select from a variety of surf spots on this beach. It is best for its south to east swell and northeast wind.

Engenhoca. The beach could be found in the north-east part of Brazil. If you are opting for any level or size of wave, this place is the spot to visit. You get beach break, left, right, smooth waves, point break, paddling channel and long waves in the area. The superior consistency of waters can be experienced between September and March.

Slow currents in the beach make it considerable for beginners. From the parking lot, the ocean is highly accessible. You simply have to pass through a forest for 20 minutes to reach the waters.

Joatinga. Fantastic surfing experience is offered by this beach located in a small neighborhood. If you hate storming a beach with crowds, this is a place to isolate yourself in. Waves of the beach begin at approximately waist level. Anticipate the swells to hold up to six feet. Beginners and intermediates will find the beach considerable since basics and upgrades in skills can be learned in its waters.

Fernando de Noronha. Others declare this place as the best surfing beach the country can offer. It is filled with beach breaks. You can surf in the waters throughout the year. However, November through March are the months when the North Atlantic winter swells, giving you the best waves.

Itacaré. Many claim that you will no longer leave this place once you surfed on its beach. It has powerful beach breaks by the coast. This is also a party paradise with tons of surfers around to get eacquaindt with.

You do not have to stick to a single surfing place when you can travel to Brazil and experience different beach breaks to challenge your sports skills.


Main Featured Photo: Itacaré, Bahia – Brazil – Photo by Katita Alves

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